Generate more revenue

Maximize revenue for every ad impression, click and install with a platform that enables price competition between programmatic buyers and networks. Take control of your monetization strategy and be always informed with fastest statistics.

High Retention Rate

All our video ads can be skipped after 5 seconds of playtime, that's why we have the Highest Audience Retention Rate.

Ad Formats

Better experience for users. Better results for you.

Drive performance and enhance the ad experience by giving advertisers the right ad formats of new templates in which their creative can be used. We support the formats that best fit your user experience and monetization strategy. Each template is responsive, so ads always looks great - regardless of OS, device or screen orientation.

Video Interstitial Demo

Video Interstitial Ad

Full screen video ad from start to the end.

Dynamic Video Interstitial Ad

A mix of video interstitial ad at the beginning and static interstitial ad at the end of video.

Square Video Interstitial Demo

Square Video Interstitial Ad

A mix of static interstitial ad and a square video ad.

To create Ad Unit ID, please follow this step by step tutorial.

Average CPM, CPI & CPC Around the World

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Skippables ads average CPM - 3$ to 14$ Skippables ads average CPI - 1.3$ to 3.6$ Skippables ads average CPC - 0.15$ to 0.38$

Skippables is an OpenRTB Ad Exchange Platform

A real-time bidding exchange connected to over 180 demand sources helps you to maximize the value of each ad impression.

Why programmatic real-time bidding?

Programmatic RTB advertising allows you to access your audience more efficiently and transparently. Rather than pre-purchasing impressions in bulk, programmatic media buying uses software to make an informed decision about every single impression in real time. You have insight into exactly where each impression appeared, the ad unit used, and the audience reached. You can also optimize in real time.

What We Deliver To Publishers


Earn more for your inventory by selling to the highest bidders worldwide.


Advertisers control where ads should be displayed. In HOT GEO AREAS bids are high which means more money for you.


Skippables partners with top advertisers to ensure you near 100% global fill rates.

mobile profit


Skippables is the infrastructure for in-app video advertising. Our SDK enables you to generate more revenue for your app with high-performing video ads.

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