Frequently Advertiser Asked Questions

Which payments do you accept?

We accept Paypal and Credit Cards.

How many Advertiser Campaigns can I create?

You can create unlimited campaigns.

Which Packages should I select?

Each Package must to fit your requirements. If you want to advertise your Web Site, your Product or your Application

Why your recommended Audio format is .wav and not others?

To obtain the best result of Audio quality, we recommend to use .wav format instead others.

What type of Image can we upload?

You can use these types: .jpg, .jpeg and .png.

Which is the limit of input characters for "Video Name" and "Texts" while creating new video?

Each video has it's own limit for "Texts" but for "Video Name" it is default up to 30 characters.

What are "Presets" for?

Each of "Presets" is adding a color effect(like "Filters" in Photography) to your video. You can't add more than 1 Preset per Render.

What type of logo files work best?

For best appearance and result, logos should be uploaded in PNG format with a transparent background.

What video format I can to Upload?

You can Upload just .mp4 video format with minimum length 10 seconds and max file size 25MB.

How will Render handle audio/music files that are longer than the video?

The soundtrack will be faded in at the beginning and faded out at the end of the video template.

Is my Uploaded video cropped or it's his own length?

Yes, your Uploaded video has it's own length and it is not cropped.

How many videos can I Render at the same time?

You can Render 5 videos at the same time.

Which is the meaning of symbols and numbers associated with each template?

The symbols and numeric values are icons that represent the number of specific footage present in each template.

Is there limited period time of rendered videos?

There is unlimited period time of rendered videos until you will delete them.

Where is my campaign publishing?

Your campaign is running on our network and on our partners networks.
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