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Video ads give you the power to reach a wide, targeted audience to boost awareness of your brand and increase sales of your product or service.

Programmatic Universe
Programmatic Universe

Campaign Dashboard

a. Analytics Get immediate, Impressions, Installs and Clicks actionable statistics by Countries, IPs and right on the map, on all your campaigns. Easily view all active campaigns and trending data, and have the option to directly edit and optimize each campaign with the click of a button. Access cumulative spending data, campaign-specific performance metrics, and current bids all in one place, allowing quick decision-making and immediate action to ensure success.

b. By creating new campaign, you are able to adjust it by your preferred Geo Location, Category, Operating System, Country, and much more.

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How to let other people know about your app?

You need to create a video or banner which represents your app and display it in other people's apps all over the world.
Banner or Video popup will lead app users to your app in AppStore.



Managed Accounts

Large-scale ad operations have unique needs,
and our expert team is ready and available to assist in any way to help target and launch successful campaigns.

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Need help creating the perfect mobile campaign? We have you covered with a variety of ready-to-use templates within multiple ad formats.

Simply choose your desired style, input your messaging details, upload images with right dimensions, upload your favorite music, render and add it to your existing or new campaign. Reaching mobile users with the perfect message has never been easier!

Each template is responsive, so ads always looks great - regardless of OS, device or screen orientation.

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Self Service Accounts

Our self-service platform is a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to instantly build, target, and launch your mobile campaigns.


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To create Advertiser campaign, please follow this step by step tutorial.

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